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Record of Ragnarok (shuumatsu no valkyrie) has been one of my favorite shows to watch recently and Adam’s story is so wild I had to make a high energy rock rap song about humanities greatest dad. Huge thank you to Andrea Storm Kaden for making the chorus come to life and Bloomgums for absolutely popping off on the instrumental! One last massive shoutout to Jeup for making one of the craziest AMV’s i’ve ever seen and my good friend Daddyphatsnaps for the pristine master! If you enjoyed it please smash that like button and leave a comment down below, thanks for watching! #recordofragnarok #adam #rap

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Video by @Jeup
Jeup’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jeup_/
Art by Michael Rush – https://twitter.com/RusherBurning
Thumbnail Design – https://twitter.com/AamirDzn

Song Credits:
► Mix Engineer – FabvL
► Written by – FabvL
► Vocal Performances by – FabvL & @AndreaKaden
► Produced by – @bloomgums4281
► Co-Produced by – FabvL
► Mastered by – @Daddyphatsnaps

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ADAM SONG – "Holy Ghost" | FabvL ft. Andrea Storm Kaden (Record of Ragnarok) [Shuumatsu no Valkyrie]

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Posted On April 22, 2023

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