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Eren Jaeger from Attack On Titan is my favorite character from the show, and my last song “Let It All Burn” did so well I figured another rap song was in order. Huge shoutout to Jeup for making one of the coolest AMV’s I’ve ever seen and JHBBOSS for hoping on and taking the song to a new level! If you enjoyed the song/video make sure you comment down below and hit that thumbs up button, thanks for watching! #AttackOnTitan #ErenJaeger #AoT

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Featured Artist – @JHBBOSS
Guitar Solo – Oleh Andrievsky: https://www.fiverr.com/oleh_andrievsky?source=gig_cards&referrer_gig_slug=record-outstanding-melodic-guitar-solo-in-any-style&ref_ctx_id=7b194157ec288a9b4dd530fcfc3ce085&imp_id=f12f7f0d-ad40-41ab-ab14-afcb82e01c6f
Video by @Jeup
Jeup’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jeup_/
Art by Michael Rush – https://twitter.com/RusherBurning
Thumbnail Design – https://twitter.com/AamirDzn
Choir Vocals – Itunujoe Choir (fiverr) https://www.fiverr.com/itunujoe?source=inbox
Extra Choir Vocals – Mcgwire, Camicat, Bslick, JHBBOSS

Song Credits:
► Mix Engineer – FabvL
►Vocal Performance/Songwriting – FabvL/JHBBOSS
► Produced by –  @bloomgums4281 
► Co-produced by – FabvL
► Mastered by – Justin Shturtz (Sterling Sound)

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Eren Jaeger Song – “Falling” | FabvL ft JHBBOSS [Attack on Titan]

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Posted On February 25, 2023

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