Goku is a character that has inspired all of us and with Akira Toriyama’s passing I wanted to revisit the Dragon Ball saga and make this song as a tribute to how much Dragon Ball has impacted my life. Big shoutout to Johnald for killing the bridge on this and my partner in crime Jeup for making jaw dropping visuals. If you enjoyed the song please like the video and comment below, it helps a ton! #dragonball #rap #dragonballsuper

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Video by – @Jeup
Featured Artist – @JohnaldMusic
Additional Backing Vocals by Madame Minuet – https://x.com/madameminuet?s=21&t=kAObez2oKM5J-ckqPe0qsQ
Jeup’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jeup_/
Thumbnail Art by thirdphp – https://twitter.com/thirdphp

Song Credits:
► Mix Engineers – @DivideMusic, @FabvL, @Lee_Albrecht
► Written by – FabvL, @JohnaldMusic
► Vocal Performances by – FabvL, @JohnaldMusic
► Produced by – @Lee_Albrecht
► Mastered by – FabvL, @DivideMusic

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GOKU SONG "Save The World" | FabvL ft Johnald [Dragon Ball]

Video by

Posted On May 25, 2024

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